Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday January 2,2012.

Hello guys! Today I woke up around 11:55am and my day started. I made a to-do list because if I didn't, so many things would be left undone! I first cleaned my room up a bit, I think I'm starting to ALWAYS want to have my room cleaned and vacuumed, usually I do it every other week but now I've been cleaning it every other day. Anywho, I watched the Warrior vs. Phoenix game, and the Warriors lost;( Then I made my video haul(go watch!) I started to work on my extra credit math essay worth 100 points! So glad I got that done, I shouldn't of waited till the last minute though. I ate dinner and after I cleaned the kitchen. I pretty much have everything checked off of my to do list, except studying for my spanish test and picking out my outfit for tomorrow(the first day back at school from winter break). Ahh, I wish it was 6pm right now so I can have more time to do those things...but its 10pm. Well I better get to those things! Watch the video!

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