Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day trip to Monterey.

So today me, my mom, my brother, and his girlfriend Estephanie all took a day trip down to Monterey to visit CSUMB. We left at about late 7ish or 8 ish in the morning and headed out to Monterey...when we finally got there we waited for the tour to start. My rbother and Estephanie both got accepted to this college. The tour went great! When the tour was over we left and headed to the wharf and it was so much fun. As we were walking down the pier this guy has a stand where he has his parrots sitting, and he put one on my hand so I got to hold one:) We always test the samples of all of the clam chowders at the stands in front of the restaurants before we make a decision of where to eat. Some chowders we tasted were really nasty, but there were two that had such a yummy taste! So we ate our clam choder bread bowls, and as we looked out the window there were otters and seagulls and other pretty interesting things. When we were done we stopped by the delicious candy store to buy some candy and chocolate. Then we finally left and began to search for this Goodwill store that I saw when we were searching for a parking spot earlier. The reason why it was so important to me to go to this Goodwill is because each store has different items, some really good and others not so I had to check it out. So we spent about an hour in there, and I bought a cute sweater that I'll post as soon as I take a picture with it! Then we left there and headed back to the Bay Area. I really enjoyed this day! Monterey is such a great place to take a day trip to. The last time before today that I went to Monterey was in the summer time with my lovely sister, mom and brother. Its a nice place to go every once in a while. Go check it out! I will definitely post pictures from my day later, I took a lot of pictures!